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The Racking Mat

The Racking Mat was developed to save time and reduce costs.

Our system allows us to manufacture almost every customized layout and size.
Mud escapes from the pipes easily allowing for quicker use. Experience less on the job injuries as the mud is contained in the mat gutter allowing for a safe slip free work environment.
Save time and save money.
Get this product today.

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Your advantages:

  • Contain the drilling mud which sloughs from racked pipe in the containment area of the Mat
  • Saves man hours power washing these areas during and after trips. This will allow floorman time to perform other duties.
  • SBM or OBM can be captured for disposal or reuse.
  • Lower disposal costs for OBM.
  • Less water and soap costs required for cleanup.
  • Treatment costs will be drastically reduced. Anytime water is used to clean the floor, some inevitably gets in the mud via the rotary table.
  • Reduce repair and recut costs by eliminating embedded trash. When a power washer is used to clean the setback area, loose impediments can blow onto tool joint threads, especially premium threads.
  • Reduce time between connection makeup wiping threads clean, re-doping, and checking shoulders for trash. Five to fifteen seconds of joint cleaning saved on a 19,000 foot trip can equal $30,000 on expensive deep water rigs.
  • Prevent possible hand injuries. Clean threads don’t need a floorman to wipe tool joints with a gloved hand that might pick up metal slivers.
  • Absolutely no chance of a wood plug going into the hole, which has been known to ruin expensive liner jobs.


Here are some videos demonstrating the racking mat in use: